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Problems with distance education reforms

Distance education reforms

Distance education just like all other types of education has provided a very good opportunity for different people to pursue courses that they may have wanted to do but are either not available in their local institutions.

It has also made possible the dreams of many to study in schools overseas through online learning programs as well as other practical programs. The government and the education sector are greatly committed to the provision of quality education and training to its citizens at all levels.

However, this does not mean that all has been done to make sure that distance education is of the required quality. Moreover, it has not yet been embraced among many of the citizens as they barely understand what exactly goes on in distance learning.

On a theoretical level, no one can dispute the fact that technological advancements today have the potential to provide efficient solutions for distance teacher professional development as well as learning.

Whether distance or face-to-face education, educators and researchers who have investigated educational reform around the world agree that the top-down approach to reform, in which most governments engage, has shown to be inadequate in impacting teaching practices and student achievement, the two main areas at which educational reform is focused. This may be the reason distance education is quite often looked at with skepticism.

Distance education may be a main source of education or may be used as a “quick fix” for solving certain educational problems.


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