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Choose one of the following plays (all plays are in your play book unless otherwise noted):
Antigone by Sophocles
Mother Courage by Bertolt Brecht
A Doll’s House (D2L in ‘content’) by Henrik Ibsen

You will use the interpretive model for directing/design to develop a production for a contemporary audience in a proscenium theatre. Once you have conceptualized your production and explained it in the concept paper, you will design (one set and three costumes) that fit with your production concept.

Assignment Basics
If you choose Antigone, you should design a stylized production—this means something close to a high-concept production. Please note: If you choose Antigone, you cannot set the action in a realistic depiction of ancient Greece.

If you choose A Doll’s House, you may stylize your production, or you may take a literal approach. If you choose a literal approach, you still have to have a production concept (albeit more subtle).

If you choose Mother Courage, your production must also be stylized, as the play is written for more abstract conventions (read about Brecht’s ideas of theatre to help drive your interpretation).


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