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Professional roles and values task 1 paper


All members of a profession claim maximal competence and knowledge in a specific area. This competence is achieved through specialized education, with long periods of apprenticeship or internship as a transition to practice the profession.

The way a professional handles himself/herself determines the occurrence of issues or lack thereof. Medical professionals for example encounter in daily practice situations that raise moral issues.

Morality is concerned with relations between people and how they ought to behave towards one another in order to live in peace and harmony. The goal of moral behavior is to protect important values cherished by society and its members.

Professionalism binds the individual to higher deals and higher virtues because of the nature of their work. Greater personal effort is also required to increase the quality and amount of work given out.

Having principles and sticking to them may be very difficult for many professionals as they may be faced with certain situations that encourage them to go against all that they stand for.

Corruption in various practices for example is discouraged at all costs and those who practice it end up losing their jobs. Sticking to one’s principles may not earn one popularity but in the end, one is in their line of duty to put in time and effort and give out productive results and work.


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