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Pros and cons of tatoos essay


Many different opinions have been raised concerning tattoos. The history of tattoos runs back to 5000 years ago where some people had them. It may actually sound funny considering the current tattoo craze all over the world.

In those early years, some tattoos were actually created by accident by rubbing an object against a wound. The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian word ‘ta’ whose English meaning is to strike something and ‘tatas’ meaning to mark something.

Evolution of tattoos is a whole other story since the reasons for actually bearing tattoos have changed with time. Tattooing is a form of body art which is used either as a form of expression for what one feels or thinks, while others are tribal, meaning they are a representation or mark of affiliation to a certain group of people or way of life.

Tattoos are not limited to a certain gender and those who bear them belong to varied age groups as well as cultures. However, tattoos are not entirely encouraged by all cultures as well as religions. Christianity opposes tattooing quoting the bible verse that states that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit therefore would be making the body unholy.

This has sparked a lot of debate over a long period of time and many have agreed to disagree over the issue. Sizes and types of tattoos depend on choice of the individual. In the United States, there is no law that states the required age for one to acquire a tattoo. However, minors are only allowed to have tattoos with parental consent. Those above the age of 18 are considered adults and therefore allowed to have tattoos.

Tattooing is done by the use of an electric machine that uses indelible ink and pierces the skin to leave the desired mark on the skin. The process is painful since the piercing is done into the skin’s dermis but those who want tattoos are ready to undergo whatever it takes. To some communities, tattoos serve as rites of passage. Others are considered beautifying where the women who have them are highly valued in the community.

There are also medical tattoos which are used to help the medical practitioners for example during surgery to avoid causing harm to the bodies of their patients. Cosmetic tattoos have also been a high demand for women especially those who undergo reconstruction on various parts of their bodies. These tattoos are meant to hide the scars.

Tattoo experts however, do not hide the fact that tattooing has a health effect since it involves piercing into the skin. They have therefore found different ways of reducing infection by sterilizing their equipment and working with single use equipment.

The tattoo craze has risen over recent years especially among teenagers. In some cases, tattoo bearers are usually trying to show rebellion against their parents or are trying to pass a message. In such instances, counseling is required to prevent depression or other psychological problems such as withdrawal.

Unfortunately, tattoos may have major disadvantages such as immediate lack of jobs in some areas of work for example in professions such as medicine, law and such that require high levels of discipline. This however has also been opposed since having a tattoo in no way affects quality of work presented.

Though tattoos are permanent, there are new ways of tattoo removal by use of laser treatments or through surgical means. The process is even more painful removing tattoos than actually acquiring them.

The saying beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder should be applied in the debate about tattoos. Those who bear them know the beauty of it despite the pain and opposition.


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