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Psychological impact of patients on isolation

Psychological impact of patients on isolation

There are myriad of factors that contribute to psychological instability among patients on isolation and this essay will analyse the main factors comprehensively to give reader the main picture of things as discussed below;

Feeling guilty, Victims see as if it’s their fault and they think that they had something to do with the situation. They think that everyone will view him/her as dirty.

Feeling alienated and lost: They feel as if they are not in the right place. They lack a sense of belonging.

Insecurity: Victims lack self-confidence and they are unable to face the situation as reality. They lack self-motivation. They are unable to trust people, they fear the repeat of the situation.

Betrayed: They feel betrayed by the people they trust and loved. They can’t go for any help. They have a sense of grief.

Disillusionment: They acquire a different view about what they know.

Fear: They can’t stay alone .They think of death always. The fear only goes when those they trust accompany them. They always battle with the situation, as they can’t share. They think there is something wrong with them and a feeling they are odd.

When you have undergone a traumatic experience, they may be having upsetting emotions, a feeling of constant danger, unable to trust people, memories, which are frightening and they feel, disconnected. This may take time to get over it and feel safe again.


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