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Write 1 page paper excluding the title page . Sample paper attached for guidance. Please don’t plagiarism, the paper will be run through SafeAssign software for plagiarism.




Title: Client Termination Summary


Note: The client chosen is: Bipolar

Please follow the sample paper for formatting and guidance.


With the client you selected in mind(Bipolar)address the following in a client termination summary (without violating HIPAA regulations):


  1. Identifying information of client (i.e., hypothetical name, age, etc.)
  2. Date initially contacted therapist, date therapy began, duration of therapy, and date therapy will end
  3. Total number of sessions, including number of missed sessions
  4. Termination planned or unplanned
  5. Presenting problem
  6. Major psychosocial issues
  7. Types of services rendered (i.e., individual, couple/family therapy, group therapy, etc.)
  8. Overview of treatment process
  9. Goal status (goals met, partially met, unmet)
  10. Treatment limitations (if any)
  11. Remaining difficulties and/or concerns
  12. Recommendations
  13. Follow-up plan (if indicated)
  14. Instructions for future contact
  15. Signatures


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