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Punishment in prisons vs rehabilitation


In today’s news, there are more cases of crime than any other in the whole world. There are numerous advanced crimes that have developed over the past years and instead of the police department and concerned bodies being able to curb this vice, the criminals have found new ways to not get caught.

They are in a way proving to be much smarter than our authorities. With anxiety about crime comes the inevitable search for causes and solutions. Some people claim that some of the cases of looting, vandalism, arson and violence occur as a result of the police being ill-prepared. This is however just a suggestion and is not necessarily true.

Since crime is a fact of life, we face the question of what to do about it. In many countries such as Britain and Australia, the most severe judicial punishment is that of imprisonment.

This period in prison helps to stop the criminal from re-offending and does not necessarily mean that he will not use his links to get crimes done by others on the outside.

The longer time spent in prison, the lower the rate of committing the offence once more. The threat of prison also makes offenders think twice before committing whatever offence they want to commit.

The whole nature and purpose of punishment is to bring change in the life of the offender and offer an opportunity for rehabilitation. Even though imprisonment may not be an end solution to high crime rates, it is indeed a solution we can all rely on before a  better one is brought into existence which is not any time soon.


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