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Purchase for Schweppes Lemonade.

Write Point of Purchase for Schweppes Lemonade.
1. start with what is point of purchase with referencing
2. why point of purchase is important
3. the benefits of pop displays
4. how will this help increase sales
5. how does this attract consumers
6. suggests placement for low involvement product such as Schweppes Lemonade etc.
Note: – This Campaign is only on Schweppes LEMONADE (no other schweppes product line.) – You MUST read the DRAFT report to understand our campaign. – pop display is made and given in the file, USE IT. Thanks!
ok thanks! I’ll give you an idea of what i expect – Research and write about how pop displays help increase sales of Schweppes Lemonade – How it is appealing to consumer and attract them to buy – Placement of the pop displays in the supermarket etc. – Use promotional sales maybe? – I want to place them in Woolies, Coles, Convenience Stores and Liquor Store * i will send you the pop display soon after i design it (working on it right now).


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