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Qualities and characteristics of a good political and business leader free essay

Good leader essay introduction

Being a leader is one of the most crucial of positions in all institutions. People who end up being good leaders portray leadership skills from young ages and often find themselves being given positions without even campaigning for them.

Good leadership is portrayed in the amount of work that results from the area of work. The work done by individuals under the leadership of an individual is enough to either accredit or discredit the individual. Selecting a good leader is paramount in all spheres of life and those involved should weigh each and every person’s qualities before making such an important decision.

What are the most important qualities of a leader

For one to be a leader, they have to have to portray certain qualities. Virtues of honesty and hard work are paramount for any leader. A political leader should be someone who serves as an example to the people and should be loyal to the people they represent.

Someone with good communication skills is also required. The ability to speak and listen in return is crucial and should be possessed by every political leader. The political scene is accompanied by many lures and temptations and one may be tempted to misuse authority vested in them instead of doing what is right.

Taking responsibility for one’s actions is also one of the most important characteristics of a leader. A business leader for example should be one who gives directions in the office about various operations and incase they fail, he or she should accept that they have failed in one way or the other and to immediately correct the situation.

Commitment is not a choice but a recommendation. One’s availability and presence among those he/she leads will ultimately lead to the success of the whole institution. Let us choose leaders wisely!


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