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Racism and diversity APA essay

Racism and diversity


Still in the 21st century racism remains one of the most all-encompassing social evils in the planet. Racism can damage individuals, a country as well as the world. Currently people are passing the seed of racism like forest fire. Racism has been there for a long time and it seems people have not been able to overcome it. So that we can have a healthy and strong community in this era of globalization we need to face racism one on one. Topic on racism has widened my scope and provided new opportunities to make things look and work better.


Why is it that, regardless of the best attempts of many well-meaning individuals for decades, many barriers in American society still exists and mostly people of color encounter them. African-American with similar credential as white still earns less? Why that is an unequal number of the criminal prisoners in this culture are ethnic or racial minorities? Why do we still have fewer individuals of color in the legal profession than we should? Although majority become uncomfortable the suggest answer to the questions is most probably racism. In this essay it will cover the way to deal with racism to bring diversity in our society

In any group of student, we expect to find differences in most of the below mentioned parameters: intellectual skills levels, gender, race, ethnicity, creativity, maturity, personality among others. In other words every student is unique in variety of ways. In this age we are living in everyone is calling for an emphasis on diversity. My understanding about diversity is that each individual is unique and our individual differences ought to be recognized. However, racism is affecting us in various ways but we can employ various to ensure it does not impact our relationships negatively

Everywhere we go we are faced with diversity because we are not the same and it is very easy to face instances of racial discrimination. However, classifying people on basis of their skin color i.e. labeling them as “black” or “white” is not worthy because I believe every individual is more than the skin tone. Regardless of the labeling I believe now people can accept others as well as their moral values. For the students who attend a diverse school they face hardship and more so if they are black. Nevertheless, they need to continue with their learning and other activities. How well can they be involved on their college campuses?

Well, they need to join service projects in the campuses that aim at giving back to the community. I have come to learn that joining such projects is much helpful as they help students be part of the diverse campus. During such time people are able to demonstrate their capabilities to others, they get opportunities to do community services and at the end they create long-lasting friendship as they will meet new people. This totally changes the way people view others and it creates positive relationships.

Economy of the country can be influenced by racial tensions brought by racism. Some time companies or the businesses does not trait in the same manner as their employer Other time Human Resource companies hire people by evaluating race or citizenship rather than qualification. Such notion hinders the economy growing as it puts obstacles in free market. In such cases companies and governments need to change their hiring practices so that they can create a more diverse institutional workforce. In addition changing public policy that calls for support for many participants from all kinds of life will help make possible realize economic growth?

My perspective is if we are we are to make progress in our country as well as the community people from all walks of life must work together so that they can address racism. And can this be achieved I believe it can be achieved through democratic dialogue which should be organized on a large scale. In such an environment people of different views and background will act on their own ideas and at the long run they will be able to test their own solutions.

Where racism is evident, dialoging about racism can be the best democratic way of solving issues facing the community. Over time the community can start taking stock of their progress. Others may opt joining other communities to help come up with regional or even national remedies. The dialogues can form the part of the long run change in the community policies, institutions and culture. Racism hinders people work together because more often they rarely listen respectfully to each other. Thus in such a case dialoging still becomes importance.

People can share concerns and experiences through dialogue. Racists need changing their altitudes and behaviors. Therefore through dialogues they learn the importance of listen respectfully to each other. Also, they can understand the rest better as well as building relationships that assist them work together. For those who cannot change their altitudes and behaviors majority have begun condemning their negative stereotypes. Individuals are more likely to question or interrupt hurtful actions.

Due to racism, people can now look at all the sides of an issue and then explore a universal concern. After learning and understanding public problems brought by racism and exploring various disagreements finding the common concern begins. Finally, people will realize they can work together and start solving all their problems. To help them solve their problems they need to come up with realistic ways of addressing racism. New ideas and communities networks of change and actions need to be developed. This will help people link with each other as they talk the way they will act. Therefore through dialogue people from all racial backgrounds can listen and speak honestly to each other, can understand and see all the invisible effects of racism and they create platforms to plan for change both at local and international level.

There is limited capacity to the social workers to addressing racism on their own (Garcia and Van Soest, 2006). Although they have a responsibility as professionals to address the challenge individuals must also play their role. To maintain and initiate conversations about racism, self-awareness, critical judgment and skills are required. Although the society cannot change overnight, taking actions to reverse the consequences of racism on service to people and social workers and their organizations should become antiracists organizations.

Social workers of color and white social workers should also listen to each other’s experiences with racisms and their opinions in their fields. Decision making should involve both so that they can produce a long term solution and change.


When you see racism nurturing itself in your day-to-day life, act or say something. Frequently, Social workers are left with the duty of educating others and speaking up about racism, however racism is every person’s concern. In addition, avoid speaking about certain group but rather they should stick to sharing their own opinions and viewpoints.


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