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Referencing an essay bibliography

Referencing an essay bibliography

Writing any type of essay requires proper referencing as evidence of where your ideas were retrieved and borrowed from. These references are what are referred to as the bibliography of any essay and are listed alphabetically depending on the author names in the last page of the essay following the specifics of that particular style.

Rules to follow when referencing the bibliography of any essay assignment

The bibliography have some riles to be followed if you are to write a successful reference page of any essay and academic assignment. To start with, you must adhere to the paper format requested in the instructions. Whether it is APA, MLA, turabian or Harvard, having the right tips and up to date style guides is vital to writing a great bibliography page.

The differences in APA and MLA bibliography

Knowing the differences is key to ensuring you get the right score for your essay assignments. As the tutor awards your essay paper, points to getting a good grade are mostly lost in this part of the assignment. In APA referencing format, the names of the authors, followed by the years of publication and then the topic and finally the publisher and location must follow a certain format to meet the style requirements. In MLA on the contrary, the author names are followed by topic then the years of publication and then the exact pages followed.

In text citations is also crucial and different for all the styles APA and MLA as samples

For instance, the in text citations for APA are MLA are very different and confusing the two styles could deny you vital points. It is therefore critical to understand the nitty gritty details and be able to differentiate the different styles whether it is their bibliography or their in text citations.

annotated bibliography

Other assignments require an annotated bibliography as the essay bibliography of choice. What this means is that the references chosen for the assignments need to be listed same way as a normal reference page but have a summary of the sources listed as a paragraph for every reference.


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