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Reflection Blog (Sharing Economy Airbnb)


Please answer the question below using the attached documents as the only source.

Airbnb (http://www.airbnbcom) and Uber (http://www.uber.com) are examples of companies taking advantage of cultural trend now as the sharing economy, and emerging interest in the short-term rental of privately owned facilities, accommodations and vehicles. Describe their offerings, discuss how marketers can capture this trend, and identify factor(s) in the marketing landscape that is serious concern for both firms.

If need please use these as sources also.
Ritson, Mark. (2009), “Should You Launch a Fighter Brand?”, Harvard Business Review, Vol 87.
Jacques, Francois M. (2007), “Even Commodities Have Customers”, Harvard Business Review, Vol 85, pp. 110-119.
Bonoma, T. V. (1984), “Making Your Marketing Strategies Work”, Harvard Business Review, Vol. 62, pp. 69-76


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