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Reflective essay

Facts to consider when writing a Reflective essay

A reflective essay is described as an analytical piece of writing that is characterized by a description of the facts that made up the event which is essentially setting the scene followed by a reflection where the student evaluates the experience.

In writing the reflective essay, it is important for the student to not only critically examine the essay question and identify the event or experience that one will reflect.

A reflective paper begins with an introduction that is characterized a thesis statement that critically illustrates the major points of the reflection and also presents to the readers a preview of the essay’s content without revealing many details.

The body of the essay includes the student’s personal experiences with the student being asked to critically explain a specific way that the experience had an impact on his attitude or actions.

In this regard, the use of specific details from the experience will be critical in clearly demonstrating the student’s area of growth. It is also important to note that reflective essays often require the student to talk about the skills and responses that have been strengthened by exposure to this experience.

A reflective essay conclusion should detail how the student plans to use the knowledge learned from the experience to guide his actions in the future.


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