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Regulations in Lifespan Management

Wk 1 Individual: Regulatory Bodies Handout Assignment Content 1. Imagine you work for a regulatory body that oversees lifespan management facilities and services. Leadership has asked you to create materials for a booth that will be present at a local community event. The booth will showcase the role of regulatory bodies in lifespan management. Create a 700- to 1,050-word handout that can be given out during this event in which you: o Describe how lifespan management has evolved in relation to the regulatory environment. o Provide at least 5 specific examples of important events or changes o Compare the roles and responsibilities of regulatory agencies overseeing lifespan management services and facilities. You are encouraged to be creative and use appropriate graphics, charts, tables, or other visual elements. Please I ask you for no spelling or grammatical errors and a less then 3% plagairism count


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