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Relationship of prisoners with staff or fellow inmates


Relationships in prisons are either between the staff and the inmates or between the inmates themselves. These relationships differ in male and female prisons.

In male prisons, there are greater instances of hostility between inmates compared to female prisons. Prison violence is on the rise and ways to get rid of this issue have proved futile.

Some instances have led to the murder of inmates by fellow inmates and in some cases others have been involved in brawls with the prison wardens. In female prisons, there are lower cases of violence since females are known to be less violent.

This is not to say that all inmates relate freely with each other. There are cases of conflicts between inmates but the numbers are not high compared to their male counterparts.

Relationships of a sexual manner in prisons are also another issue in these institutions. Since the prisons are based on gender, there has been a rise in same-sex relationships in prisons.

Gayism and lesbianism can be witnessed among members of these correctional facilities. Other developing cases are those involving the prison staff and inmates. These may either involve male wardens and female inmates or female wardens and male inmates.

Some of the prison staff have been charged and others fired due to this. The main cause of such occurrences is the separation of inmates and their spouses.

Good relationships among prisoners can be enhanced through group activities and anger management sessions which encourage the prisoners to let go of their frustrations instead of unleashing them on fellow inmates.


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