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Relationships amongst the STEM Students’ Work-Based Learning Anxiety and the Outcomes, and Career Commitment in Aviation Management


This document should be 2-3 pages (NO more than 3 pages). For this class, the focus is on your ability to hook your reader, articulate your research problem and link it to your research questions through the explanation of your purpose. *Notice I took out background of the problem. I want you to be able to write at least a few sentences in the other sections and if you focus on the background of the problem, then it will put you well beyond the scope of your prospectus…besides, you have a review of literature, which should put some of it into perspective. Your introduction should only be 1-2 sentences to hook your reader and the conclusion can be 1-2 sentences to summarize the document. **Refer to APA style manual for all APA formatting guidelines (especially headings). I don’t need a cover page for this one.

Chapter 1: Introduction


Statement of the Problem

Purpose of the Study

Research Questions

Significance of the Study



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