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Relocation cases after divorce or separation in UK.

Relocation cases after divorce or separation in UK.
Divorce and separation laws in the UK are very simple and clear, a legal separation allows you to live separate without necessarily having to end a civil partnership or marriage. Getting a legal separation gives one time to decide if they want to end the marriage or not.
After a divorce or separation, the logical thing to do may be relocation to a better environment depending on the reasons that led to it. In cases where children are involved, relocation mean new schools, new friends and this tends to affect children more than adults. After a divorce, couples are entitled to certain rights like changing of surname if the woman had taken her husband’s name but this can only happen after the divorce is finalized.
If you have children and you wish for their names to be changed its simple and easy. Relocation with the United Kingdom does not require legal permission under the law. But if one wishes to move abroad, with a child or children, permission from the separated parents is required to avoid legal feuds
The court looks and considers all aspects in a divorce when children are involved. For instance, a mother may want to move in with her family where she considers it’s the best option and while her motive may be good, the court can reject it if the conditions are not favorable for the children. If there is negative effect on the child before the relocation, the court will order an immediate relocation for the mother and child to avoid negative impact on the child’s life.
Divorced is allowed in the United Kingdom if your spouse commits adultery, has unreasonable behavior, or dissertation. If you have been separated for two years with consent, its advisable to divorce however, if you’ve separated for more than seven months with grounds of infidelity or unreasonable behavior, it’s also possible for a divorce to be finalized.


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