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Research Essay on Disgrace

I will upload after this check out Subject : Critical Thinking and Composition Through Literature This requirement is from the teacher: Your research articles should not be from websites or newspaper articles. The research should be from the Luria Library database (link in the file). There are several articles written specifically about the novel. Search for resources with one of the following databases: Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, or Gale Literary Sources. Do NOT use websites or literary reviews typically found on Google/Internet. Keep the research focused on the novel only, not on the theory. Using the key search terms: “Coetzee and Disgrace and _________ “(dogs, women, David, etc.) are good places to start depending upon your focus. You should find several sources written from a scholarly viewpoint specifically on the novel. Your research paper also asks you to develop one of the three critical theories I listed on the prompt and you will use this theory as a way to discuss the novel in light of a literary element. The theory is a lens to view an aspect of the novel and also should help to decide what direct quotes you use and how you offer analysis in light of the ideas you develop.



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