Types of Research Problems and Their Solutions

Researching has many problems but there are also a lot of solutions.

Research for students consists of long hours studying and finding out more about a particular topic or finding answers to particular questions. This can be both tedious and time consuming. Researching has many problems but there are also a lot of solutions.

Researching for students basically means finding more information data and statistics about a particular topic. It also means answering in depth a particular question in the form of  a research paper to be graded by a professor.

This researching process has some challenges it faces especialy the challenge of time. A student must allocate several hours a week for the research lest they fail the course or run the risk of not submitting the paper on time. The question of research material also comes in especially for students in rural areas where the internet connections are poor to say the least. This problems makes it  difficult for the student to make due coverage of the topic questions and therefore may fail.

The university of cincinati (2004) says that the most common reason for students to fail in the research process is because they have nebulous visions of their being in colleges. Some trainee may have been forced by their parent to do a certain course hence their objective of being in school is not to fulfill their life goals but to achieve their parents’.

University of Cincinnati (2001) reveals that students with unsolved emotional issues such as loss and anxiety may have problems completing researches since they may feel inadequate and inferior.

To solve these problems, time must be planed well especially by students who have parttime jobs. Students forced to do a particular course against their wish should work hard to pass it so they can do their course of choice in future after getting jobs. Those with emotional problems should get help through psychologists provided by the schools.

To do proper, extensive research is vital to the passing of the course hence students should make sure to work hard to finish the research paper on time and do thorough research on topics posed.