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Review of the APA and MLA writing formats

APA vs MLA differences

 APA Format

The title page consists of a running head, which an abbreviated title on top is left of the title page. A page header with a title flush on the left and the page number flush, right on every page. The author’s information is also put on this page, the name and institutional affiliation and the full title.

This format then contains the abstract which sums up the paper in 120 or less words. It includes important information such as the thesis or the main ideas presented in the work. Abbreviations and important words should also be defined.

On the first page of the text, the title should be centered, double spaced and at the top of the page. Quotations that are 40 words or longer should be set in a block double spaced and indented 1/2 inch from the margin.

There are 5 main levels of writing the headings. The heading helps one to organize the text for the reader. In text citations may also be used but the main format used includes the last name of the author, year of publication and the page number of the quotation.

Finally the referencing in this case should be done in an alphabetical order, listing only the works used. The references title should be centered and not underlined, bolded or italicized. The references should be listed using a hanging indent for references longer than one line. Examples

Last name, First name initial. Middle name initial. (Year)  book title. Location: Publisher.

MLA Format

The page header includes the last name of the papers author and the page number on the top right of every page. The title should be centered but not underlined, bolded, italicized or put in quotation marks.

In this case block quotations are quotations longer than four lines with a 1” indent. In text citations or citing from indirect sources may also be used.

It is important to note that this format does not use references but work cited. On that page the work cited title should be placed at the centre but not underlined or punctuated. Hanging indent is used for entries, which is made in an alphabetical order.

A Simple example is a citation from a book by a single author:

Last name, first name and initial(if given). Title. Location. Publisher. Year. Medium of publication.



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