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Russian education system structure

Russian education facts

The education system of Russia is organized and coordinated by the government that ensures that general education is given free of charge and is available for every single individual.

Most of the schools in Russia are state owned but there are also private schools that have been established in recent years. The education system is fair for each child and provides adequate training to every single individual that goes through the system.

Education begins with pre-school before the child attains the age of six and is not compulsory. Children go to kindergartens which focus on intellectual and physical activities. The next step is primary school, which is part of the general education system.

Primary education lasts a period of four years followed by basic general education that lasts five years and finally the secondary education that lasts two to three years. The general education in Russia aims at intellectual, emotional, moral and physical development of the individual.

This is aimed at equipping the student with enough skills to tackle life issues outside education. It also helps individuals to make conscious decisions when it comes to professional education.

General education is compulsory and contains fields of study such as the Russian language, foreign languages, mathematics, history, politics and natural sciences. Every school has its own curriculum based on state requirements.

Upon completion of primary and general education, students sit for their final examinations and are awarded a Certificate of Basic General Education which qualifies the student for either secondary education, vocational education or to non-university level higher education.

After completing secondary general education, students are required to pass the state final examinations and are awarded a Certificate of Secondary General Education. General Education takes a total of 11 years to complete.

Russian education is efficient and good for every Russian child.


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