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Sample E-Cover Letter Writing

This is Henry, I am currently studying a first year of Computer Science – BSc (Hons). I’m also interested in developing robotic skills and I believe that robots are the key to solve every problem even the problems in the future. I’m additionally excited to make further work at my technology, IT Programming, Physical Computing and Humanoid Robotics skills at a higher level and I’m a practical person, hardworking, reliable, conscientious, punctual and can manage my time well.

I am currently Research Assistant for ARM Robotics Lab, my research title Human-Centred Intelligent Control Systems Design for Soft Robotic Manipulation. during the time when I start my internship, I conduct literature reviews about Humanoid Robotics and Design for Soft Robotic Manipulation, summarize interviews and provide ready access to all experimental data for the faculty researcher and/or supervisor.

Working in the lab is the best experience I have in my life, working in lab and every day I learn new things about robot, request or acquire equipment or supplies necessary for the project, attend project meetings and learning to set up and development of Robotics Arm.

I enjoy being in a team, working together on a task, discussing and solving problems to achieve our target and I like to be responsible for my work and create something I can be proud of. For a future plan with my team and with support and help my tutors in ARM Robotic Lab, I would like to program our Robotics Arm to serves different drink for visitor in our university.

I would like try something new which I’m interested in and improve my skills as well as learn and work on. I would like to work my way through university to be interested in Humaid robotics research and i would like link robot with my first degree which I had Physical education degree also with support and help my Arm lab tutors because I can do that with out them.


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