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School Business Management Case Study/Project


School Business Management Case Study/Project
School Business Management Case Study/Project (25%) – emphasis is on integrating and using students’ knowledge of selected principles of school business management in a case study format.

The assignment is designed to allow you to use a broad array of school business management concepts and principles to assist a hypothetical school district address fiscal problems and issues. The textbook, other resources on the course site, etc. should serve as your primary resource materials. Excerpts from readings in your textbook are identified to help you better understand the case:

· School Debt and its Management; Reasons for Borrowing; Management of Short-Term Debt; Long-Term Debt (Chapter 8)

· Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; External Reporting; and Internal Reporting (Chapter 11)

· Orientation, Training, Development, and Motivation (Chapter 13).

Specifics: There are four cases involved in this assignment. The first three are from the course textbook, while the fourth is from another source and is meant to help you apply knowledge gained from the course and the textbook to a different scenario. The four parts (A, B, C, D) are:

Part A: Case 3 – “School Business Office Meltdown, and the Band Played On.” See textbook Chapter 1, pages 9 – 16; and Chapter 13, page 292 [continuation];

Part B: Case 4 – “Teaching Harold’s Pony a New Trick: The Challenge of School-Based Budgeting.” See textbook, Chapter 1, pages 17 – 18; Chapter 9, pages 189-190 [continuation]; and Chapter 9, pages 226 [continuation].

Part C: Case 5 – “Overcoming Fiscal Failures and Facing Future Challenges.” See textbook, Chapter 1, pages 19 – 23; and Chapter 10, page 220.

Part D: Case Study Application #1: Paper and the Copier. See/open//read attached document titled (Case Study, Part D).

Building Principal Interview (20%) – emphasis is on building level budget management and the role of the principal in the school district budget making process. Interview a school principal about the budgetary system, budgetary decisions and who makes them, budgetary policies and practices at the school and at the district levels, etc. Compare and contrast the school business manager’s responses to those of the school principal. Are budget decisions and practices in line with established budget policies and procedure? Which three aspects of school budgeting (see text chapters) is the school good at and which three is it weak in? What recommendations (based on knowledge from this course or textbook) will you make to the school principal that will improve those three weak aspects? Your interview should also cover their role and responsibilities, with particular attention to aspects of their job that directly affect student learning. If your campus does not have a SBM, then discuss with your principal to determine the person whose job responsibilities include those of a SBM. If your campus does not have a designated person, check with your school district and interview that person. If you work in higher education, find a position comparable to the SBM to interview. The interview (transcribed and/or written) should not be more than 1200 words. Be sure to read the rubric carefully to understand the key elements where you are expected to demonstrate knowledge.


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