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Serial killers nature vs nurture debate essay

Serial Killers in US

A serial killer is a person who commits murder of three or more people over a period of more than a month while taking breaks between the killings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation however regards a serial killer as a series of two or more murders committed as two different events with the killer acting alone.

The major cause of serial killing is related to the psychological health and state of the individual. Other cases involve sexual contacts with the victims. The cases however follow a certain pattern where the evidence directly links the killer to all of them.  The victims must have one thing in common; occupation, race, appearance, sex or even age group.

Psychopathic behavior includes; sensation seeking, lack of guilt or remorse, the need for control and predatory behavior. Psychopaths actually seem normal. They may actually seem really charming and it is easy to take to them. This state of their being is related to physical, emotional or sexual abuse either by a family member or stranger in their childhood. They may also have experienced some form of bullying or social isolation as children or adolescents.

The way a child develops greatly influences their development later in life. When a child does not receive attention from their parents at a young age, they develop a sudden need to be appreciated and noticed later in life. Some of the serial killers kill for the sake of attention seeking.

Others who do not have the power to control the mistreatment they suffer end up creating a world which is unrealistic and escape the real world by shifting their state of mind to this “ other world” . After committing the crime they follow it up, showing that they are really not in their right minds.


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