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Short and long term effects of divorce on children

Short term effects of divorce on children

Currently there is a major concern regarding the increased cases of divorce. Although psychologist were not much interested about the short term effects of divorce on children, it now their major concern as they are impacting negatively on the quality of lifeĀ  of their children.

They warn parents who are about or just thinking of having a divorce to be much aware of the major long-term and short-term effects the action may have on the children.

Children are trouble by the course of divorce and feel below short-term effects

  • Children are too young to understand the whole situation therefore; they might take the blame and feel responsible of the problem
  • The effects may be far taken to school and friends and more often children become uncooperative, aggressive and violent
  • Lashing both partners and they end up being disrespectful
  • Stress and if not checked ends up to depression
  • Ability to concentrate at school affecting the performance and schoolwork
  • Anger and resentment resurfaces and it always directed to the parents due to the split up
  • Fear of abandoned and sometimes they isolate themselves due to fear of suffering
  • Loss and grief may arise
  • Occurrence, increase or re-emergence of wetting bed if the child is young


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