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Should marijuana be legalized for both medical and leisure purposes?

Should marijuana be legalized for both medical and leisure purposes?

The debate on the benefits and disadvantages of marijuana has escalated over the decades. Scientists over time have found use for some of the components found in marijuana and have made useful medicine from them. Despite this marijuana is still a health hazard for anybody who abuses it.

Some of the side effects of marijuana to the brain include short term memory loss, hallucinations, delusions, disorientation. These mostly occur as a result of ingesting marijuana rather than smoking it. It also causes increased heart rate by up to 80% and lowered blood pressure.

This might eventually cause the user to suffer from a heart attack. Marijuana burns three times more than tobacco; as a result it burns the hairs in your lungs making it easier for cancer cells to develop causing lung cancer. Not only does it cause lung cancer but users experience more frequent acute chest illnesses, obstructed airways amongst other lung infections.

Long–term use of marijuana leads to addiction. It not only harms the social relations of the user that include: family, work school and entertaining activities but also causes sleeplessness, decreased taste, bad temper and anxiety. Continued use causes mental illnesses and violent behavior at times the user becomes depressed and has suicidal desire.

In light of the above side effects of the use of marijuana it is my opinion that marijuana should not be legalized for both medicinal and especially leisure purposes. It will harm our society and lead to a highly unproductive society as it greatly affects cognitive thought.


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