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Show the connection between Job satisfaction and Employee performance

Feedback deconstructed

• Remove Talent Management from the entire Dissertation and the title

• Show the connection between Job satisfaction and Employee performance
• What is the Pros and Cons of each of these?
• Define Job satisfaction properly
• Challenges should be discussed

• What is the connection between Turnover & Absenteeism

• Why did you choose UAE as a country and why specifically apparel industry?

• Answer the Whys in this dissertation and stop avoiding it

• Create a link between Job satisfaction and Employee performance

• Remove all theories, and just stick with Equity theory, and make a connection to Job satisfaction and Employee performance

• Look for diagrams and models that focuses on Employee performance and Job satisfaction, preferably Equity theory

• Organize the Dissertation and make all the sections together instead of one piece of employee satisfaction on one page and the other is on another random page

• Page 27 – Too many concepts
• Page 28 – Too descriptive

• Link the research objectives in Ch3 and ch2

• Create a table of employee names and their positions

• Answer why did you pick the retail industry (Apparel)?

• Show the link & connection of employee satisfaction and employee performance

• How did you get the sampling? Was it random sampling? (Discuss this)

• Add a conclusion to every chapter!

• Improve chapter 3

• Remove any Quantitative words such as Hypothesis and Positivism (Stick with strictly and purely qualitative)

• Remove the words deductive, or independent variables, phenoma from the dissertation

For Methodology and interview section…

Why did you choose those interview questions
What are the limitations to doing these interviews that you faced or could have
Mention Thematics, why did you qualify for themes and not quants

Sampling, how did you get access and what was the organisational structure like?

What type of employees did you interview? Middle management? Sales?

Explain their position, what part of their career did they reach

Be specific in how you conducted the interviews


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