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Siege events of Jerusalem during 11TH Century


The dawn of the 11th century is ravished with the siege events of Jerusalem that marks history as the first crusade. This holy Battle of Jerusalem in the first Crusade in 1071 – 1099 was very poor from the beginning.

The Christendom suffered consequences when church destruction decree was given by the caliph of Egypt known as Al- Hakim. The following events of the Battle of Jerusalem in the first Crusade in 1071 – 1099 unfolded over the years.   

Year of 1095

In November, Urban II – the pope, gave a public speech calling on Christians from west while at the Council of Clermont. They were to give help to their brethren Christian who   were from the eastern side. During this period, the Moslem Turks had but the Christians under siege attack.

In addition, urban II ensured that Jerusalem achieved their liberation after Moslem’s a 400 years dominion. Moreover, several letters were also done for the purpose of urban II to show case that crusade launch was crucial.

Year of 1096

August 15, the crusade date was officially set to begin by urban II.

Year of 1097

In this year Crusader, a strong army of 43,000 matched and captured Nicaea. It was their duty to return the empire to the control of Byzantine.

Year of 1098

This is the period in history when holy lands were created in Latin after Baldwin of Boulogne managed to occupy Edessa.  Therefore, the climax of the first crusade is when Antioch fall becoming the kingdom of Frank.


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