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Similarities and differences between male and female entrepreneurs

Differences and similarities between male and female entrepreneurs

Currently it normal to hear of a male entrepreneur striking it big with a massive company he started just as a garage in his house. Think of facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who we see posing in front of huge crowd explaining to investors about the latest buzz in technology.

He is a giant in innovations and he has a great influence in this technology arena. As we often hear about such female entrepreneur, we less hear about women. Sure, we are aware of the likes of Oprah Winfrey, but the industry is far much crowded by men.

Until recently, an article pointed out the new era of female entrepreneurship. There is a lot of making emerging with smart innovative ideas, products and services to global heights and they are doing great by building new brands. It’s a great idea for women to get into this male dominated arena but what is so similar or different that is giving them an edge over the male counterpart.

First, is the age between the male and female entrepreneur. Well, consider the earlier example I had pointed out concerning Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was a college drop out in his early twenties when he started facebook.

In short, majority of male entrepreneur tend to be young while their counterparts tend to venture into the course a bit older. Probably at their mid forties or early fifties.

Second difference worth noting is the mode of sourcing funds to establish their business. Due to male entrepreneur age, they tend to utilize angel investors i.e. from their grandparents, parents to get their business off the ground.

Similarities between the male and female entrepreneur are, they both don’t get enough time to be with their families and they both have enough money from their businesses to live their dream life and support their families.


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