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Smoking campaign plans in the future

Smoking campaign in the future

If you are smoking then your future is a risk. Smoking reduces the quality of your life and life expectancy. Study done shows that smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable diseases all over the world. Among the people who smoke chances of getting lung cancer is greatly increased compared to non-smokers.

Majority of the people who smoke are very interested in quitting smoking but this is the  most challenging thing and yet very beneficial.

This is because coming up with a strategy that will be universal is quite a challenge. The smoking future campaigns are all over the globe. The aim is to ensure the information and services required by people smoking are readily available to those who want to quit smoking. Also free services are being offered tailored to a specific need.

  • Some of the plans that are underway include
  • Education on the ways to stay a non-smoker after you have stopped smoking
  • Sending self-help materials to those intending to quit smoking
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • How to manage risky situations brought by your smoking habits.

How to achieve the goal

  • Educate people about the best quitting strategy and methods through counseling and successful nicotine replacement therapy
  • Avoiding relapses
  • Developing applications to educate world at large about the need to help smokers quit the vice and prevent non-smokers from smoking.


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