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Smoking during pregnancy facts and figures

Tobacco use and prevention for pregnant women

Smoking causes heart diseases, cancer, and some other major health complications and problems. However, during pregnancy smoking causes health problems including infant death, premature birth and certain birth effects.

In addition, women who are chronic smokers find its harder getting pregnant; those who are already lucky getting pregnant have higher chances of getting a miscarriage than a non-smoker.

Other dangers associated with smoking while pregnant include placental problems. The placenta separates from the womb before time causing severe bleeding, children born of such mothers have low birth weights, chances of developing birth defects are high and smoking is a risk factor to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

  • Breathing easily and more energy
  • Chances of developing heart disease, lung cancer, chronic lung disease, and other smoke-related illnesses are minimal
  • The baby gets more oxygen, still after just a day of not smoking.
  • There is reduced risk that the baby will be born early.
  • When a woman quits smoking, some of the benefits include:
  • You will feel great regarding what you have done for yourself and your newborn.
  • You will prolong your life as a mother.

In conclusion therefore, mothers aspiring should consider their health and those of their babies to be and do the needful which is quiting smoking If pregnant for a better future.


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