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Social effects of alcoholism on society and family

Effects of alcohol on society and families

There is a host of social problems carried by alcoholism. Not only is the drinker affected but the whole family unit. Alcoholism is currently becoming a major society problem and their effects are quite devastating to the family.

Marriages have been destroyed both financially and emotionally. Alcoholic parents are fracturing their children emotionally. Studies have shown that alcoholics suffer addiction at very early ages thus affecting the society as a whole.

Effects of Alcoholism on society

Not only does alcoholism affect an individual but also even those who are close to them are negatively affected. For instance, absenteeism at work is highly related to alcoholism. Higher crime rate in most places is associated with alcoholism.

Risky sexual behaviors due to, poor judgment associated with alcoholism .Accidents in major roads ids due to alcoholism. Actually, it does more harm than good to the society than the individual does.

Impacts of Alcoholism on families

Although majority of alcoholics take alcohol to make them feel better, the fact is it has negative impact to the personality of the drinker. About 40% of domestic violence is associated with alcoholism. Marriage break up rendering the family to great suffering. Depreesion a health risk is still associated to alcoholism.

The Psychosocial harm of alcoholism

If it is used for a long time, it leads to addiction. Depression that leads to over drinking.Anxierty. Disorders .Thus the more they drink the more they risk psychological damage.


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