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Start writing the perfect essay in 3 simple ways

Writing the perfect essay for college

An essay is a piece of writing about a particular topic. The topic is thoroughly researched on and written about in depth. Therefore writing the perfect essay can be a maddening, antagonizing process if the writer of an essay is clueless, however, if the writer know what they are doing, have researched on the topic, writing can be fun, educative and even easy.

For an essay to be perfect, it must be applicable, germane and pertinent to the topic question. It must at all times provide an answer to the question posed. To write the perfect essay, one must first read understand and research on the topic.

According to Monash University, it is important to read and plan through the topic of research before starting the  actual research because starting research without first understanding the topic will  cause a writer to read too voluminous books and sites which will end up being of too little help if any help at all. After reading and understanding the question posed, then one can start the research and taking helpful notes for the essay writing. This essay will explain what and how a good essay should look and be written.

An essay basically has three parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. In The introduction, the writer defines the topic and presents a writer’s arguable thesis and informs the reader which direction the essay will take.

The body contains several paragraphs explaining the topic sentences with several examples supporting the writer’s point of view on the topic. The body should leave a memorable impression or in the least persuade the reader to follow the writer’s way of thought (Thomas, 9). The conclusion is a brief summation the writers ideas, However, if the essay way short do not rewrite all the ideas.

An essay therefore should answer the topic question clearly stating the author’s direction in the subject in discussion. It should also contain an introduction, a body and a conclusion.


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