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Subject: Business Topic: project management

project plan use Academic poster for presentation write about: Wedding Reception(British traditional wedding) requirement: 1.You must illustrate and critically assess what project management techniques and concepts you will use to ensure project success. It is suggested that you include • An introduction/ background to the project.

• Outline your key outcomes and objectives.

• Explain how you will plan and control each stage of the project.

• Provide an analysis of project systems, methods and techniques that you will put in place and how they ensure project success.

• An analysis of two key issues and challenges you may face in your project and how they will be managed.

• How you will manage project risks.

• A clear time plan i.e. Gantt chart, CPM etc • A full reference lists. Note: the academic poster has to be one page using MS PowerPoint. Your poster is made using MS PowerPoint.


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