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Teaching English Saudi Arabia problems


Teaching English in Saudi Arabia is among one of the highest paid professions in the country. Saudi is also one of the highest paying destinations in the world. The average English language teacher can expect to earn between $2500 and $4000 per month tax free.

They are often given free accommodation as a part of the package. That accommodation is usually a large, clean and modern apartment with Saudi Arabia also having one of the highest standards of living.

The fact that the teachers have good pay does not mean that it is all smooth sailing. The teachers that are highly looked for are those who have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and other schools require the teachers to possess at least a master’s degree.

These individuals are also required to have at least 1 to 2 years of experience. Native speaking teachers are preferred compared to fluent English speaking teachers from non-native English speaking countries.

Despite these high expectations, there is still an evident shortage of teachers in the country. Even though there are many advantages of being an English teacher in Saudi Arabia.

The fact that these individuals are in a strict country with very specific laws and regulations especially since the country is based on Muslim laws. Entertainment facilities in the country are also rare since there is a strict ban on alcohol consumption.

There may be many advantages especially the fact that there are many luxuries that come with the profession. However the fact that one is in a foreign country may be discouraging to many.


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