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1. In Plato’s ideal society, everyone must accept the profession they are assigned after completing their education, regardless of what they themselves most desire. Why is this, according to Plato, fair?

2. What do you see as the main difference between ancient and modern political thinking? Explain why this difference is important.

3. Briefly explain the following concepts and their connections: contract theory, liberalism and republicanism.

4. Suppose you belong to a minority who disagree with state policy and therefore refuse to comply with its commands. To what extent can such behaviour be justified according to

a) Hobbes?

b) Locke?

c) Rosseau?

5. Hobbes, Locke and Rosseau have very different perceptions of the state of nature. Which of these beliefs do you think is best suited as a basis for a theory of a just state? Justify the answer.
Do not write general sentences that do not specifically apply to the asked questions. You need to do some research, and the minimum number of pages you need to write is 5 (NO MAX LIMIT). Also just write the number to each question and simply answer them. Do not make your own headings or write about unrelated things just because you want to fill up pages. The running head can also be dropped, including a standard front page I can do myself.
You have basically 1 shot at this assignment and at best I can only give you 1 revision, so use your time well and try to finish ASAP! This is because I have a time limit which I cannot exceed.
The reference list is also imported. Only add used sources to the list.
Just ask if something is not clear!


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