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The Cold War history essay

You can write the 4 page essay about general informations of Cold War in the 1900’s. You can state different aspects of the war in each paragraph, to give you a simple idea. “The essay should be clear and well-presented, reflect a topic you have put some thought and interest into, and where necessary contain strong quality writing, definitely proofread!, using appropriately cited historical evidence to support your interpretation.” Please use eligible and educational sources and cite them. Here are the simple questions you can focus on(although not required): 1) How does the Cold War interact with Decolonization in the 1960s through 1980s? 2) What challenges does “liberalism” face in the Cold War? What challenges does “communism” face? 3) How and why will “liberalism” emerge as the “winner of the Cold War? Was another outcome possible? Why or why not?


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