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The narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass

The narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass
The narrative life of Fredrick Douglas is a memoir written and orated by Fredrick Douglas and it documents his life and times as a slave. From February 1818- February 1895 Fredrick was an orator, writer and after escaping slavery in Maryland, he became the national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York.

He gave insight on the lives of slaves and their masters who claimed that they lacked the capacity to function as independent American citizens. Douglas was a believer that all people were equal therefore he wrote his autobiography in the Narrative life of Fredrick Douglas which became his best seller.

People from the north found it hard to believe that such a great narrator was once a slave. The narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass has eleven chapters describing his ambition to become a free man which seemed impossible at the time.

He begins by narrating that he doesn’t know the date he was born and his mother died when he was about seven years and also explains that he had very few childhood memories. He also thinks that his father could have been the white man who owned him. He explains that fear is what kept slaves in the conditions they were because whenever spoke out against something, they were given cruel punishments by their masters.

Being moved to Baltimore Maryland was very important to him because if not, he believed he would have remained a slave until his death. After the death of his master, he is moved severally and he ended up being owned by Mr. Covey who was known to break the will of slaves. At one point he bit the hand of Mr. Covey which saw him beaten and worked to sheer exhaustion daily which led to him beating his master and winning.

After his one-year contract with Mr. Covey, Douglas was released to the free lands where he became an orator and writer. After The narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, he was given liberties to write more ambitious work.


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