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The problem of alcohol fueled violence is a male problem debate essay

Alcohol fueled violence statistics on men vs women

In many ways alcohol impairs judgement if the user and prevents the individual from making the right choices even when faced with some type of obstacle or argument. When in the state of drunkenness, the user obtains some sort of bravery that is uncalled for and will end up committing certain acts that when sober, they would not dare to do.

The rate of growth of alcohol influenced violence is alarming and the government as well as concerned organizations and ministries are putting down laws that regulate and will eventually stop alcohol fuelled violence.

These types of violence are not of one sort and ranges from domestic violence to road accidents and to the gravest kind, murder or attempted murder. When one considers the facts that may have led to the violence, it is often not sensible or worth it.

Alcohol violence affects the individual as well as all those around him or her. Violence destroys communities as well as the social fabric of suburbs, towns and restricts enjoyment of the places people work and live. Alcohol fuelled violence not only leaves people feeling unsafe in their homes and communities, it also maims, disfigures and kills.

There are growing numbers of people who are being reckless with alcohol threatening not only their health, but also the safety of themselves and others. Thoughtless acts carried out in recreational precincts and private homes have a devastating impact for a lifetime.

It is not only the injured or abused that are impacted, their families, communities, workplaces, friends, local business owners and even the perpetrator are irrevocably changed following an act of catastrophic violence.


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