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The Resume and Cover Letter assignment

Resume and Cover Letter Assignment (20%)
The Resume and Cover Letter assignment is designed to help the learner prepare and develop tools when seeking employment. The resume is designed to highlight your qualifications and previous experience and the cover letter is meant to identify your interest in the specified position you are applying for.

Learning Outcomes:
Outcome 6: Plan lifelong learning strategies to incorporate the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta Continuing Competency Program into professional practice.

Resume (10%)
Resume writing is an essential tool to highlight qualifications such as education and employment experience which can indicate to a perspective employer that you have the needed skill set for the position that you are applying for.

Cover Letter (10%)
The cover letter is intended to allow the applicant to highlight an interest in the position and offer more detail about why they are the right applicant for the position. The cover letter should be brief and concise and be limited to 3 paragraphs. The opening paragraph (highlights interest and introduces applicant), the body (which is where you describe qualifications and skills that make you the right candidate for the position), and the closing (a brief concise closing where you include contact information).

Frequently Asked Questions
• Should I submit the assignment as separate documents?
Please submit your resume and cover letter assignment as one document in
the appropriate D2L Dropbox.
• Who should I address the Cover Letter to? Compose the Cover Letter as if you are applying for a current job listing. Do I have to include my personal references in my resume assignment?
No, you do not need to include a reference list. Instead, indicate that references will
be provided upon request.

Type of service: Resume /CV services
Resume Package: Resume + Cover letter writing
Subject: Not Defined
Pages/words: 1/275

Language style: CA writer


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