Topic: Video Lecture:Texas Tough: The Rise of America’s Prison Empire


Directions for paper:
Robert Perkinson, American studies professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, presents a history of America’s prison system and examines its roots in Texas. Mr. Perkinson details two different ideologies that took form during the development of the American penal system. The North’s interest in rehabilitation and the South’s belief in retribution and profit. The author relays that the Southern ideology became the template for today’s American prison system.

This activity follows the Activation Principle where the student will recall, describe relevant knowledge and prior knowledge by reviewing the speaker’s presentation and viewing it with a critical eye. The student will then elaborate on the knowledge through the discussion to reflect and consolidate the learning experience.

Initial Post Instructions
After viewing the presentation, discuss the answers to these questions:

1. Do you agree with Perkinson’s view that the north part of the country was interested in rehabilitation and the south purely profit when it came to corrections?

2. Does Perkinson remain impartial in his views and supports his points objectively with facts?

3. Does rehabilitation work? Or do we find that the majority who enter our system reoffend again?

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