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The rise of FRANKISH EMPIRE its history and when it all came to an end


This kingdom is also called the Kingdom of the Franks and was the territory inhabited by a confederation of German tribes in the early middle ages. The kingdom was founded by Clovis I, the first king of the Franks in 496. Clovis’ death saw the division of the kingdom into territories by his sons who each got equal portions of the region formerly ruled by their father.


Upon the death of any of the brothers, the land he owned was to be redistributed among his surviving brothers. These kingdoms ruled by brothers were not always at peace with each other. Unfortunately, some of the brothers were greedy and wanted to fight and kill each other so as to acquire the portion of land owned by the deceased brother.

This tradition of splitting land among one’s sons was practiced even by the surviving sons of Clovis. The land was passed on from one generation to the next of sons from this family. Laws in the land varied due to the presence of different tribes such as the Chamavi.

During the early periods, law was preserved by officials known as the rachimburgs. They were trained to understand and remember the law as well as pass it on. This ensured preservation of the law even through many generations.

When the FRANKISH EMPIRE all came to an end

With the help of Missionaries who consisted of the Irish and Scottish, Christianity was spread all over the land with the establishment of monasteries taking place in the Frankish Empire. The empire’s currency differed depending on the ruling king. One who was Theudebert I began minting his own money immediately he started his reign. The previous kingdoms used the Byzantine coinage.

Many changes took place as his kingdom experienced change in leadership. Its survival however was ensured by proper rule.    


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