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Tim O’Brien character analysis

Tim O’Brien the things they carried character analysis

Tim O’Brien is both a protagonist and the main narrator of the Things They Carried. He is the amplifier of most of the events we view in the book.

We slowly follow Him from the time of the war recollection, from the time He receives his draft notice until later his return to Vietnam as a middle-aged father.

In this great work, O’Brien struggling to release anguish and pain that has accumulated due to his war experiences depicts the main conflict.

Tim O’Brien character analysis


This character is depicted as compassionate, diligent, introspective and honest. Kiowa is much practical in his actions as we see him helping soldiers rationalize their own actions, by removing the moccasins and walking silently and more so O’Brien who has killed a Vietnamese soldier.

Being a Native American and a Baptist, he portrays a different perspective regarding the unfortunate events that befall Alpha Company. His death is a symbol of senseless impacts of war.

Jimmy Cross

His character is a representative of those people who feel they are too immature and unsure of their responsibilities. He cares less about the war and when given a chance to lead into the battle is quite unsure of what steps to take. He is viewed as the Christ mfigure.


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