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Tips for writing Powerpoint assignments

Tips for writing Powerpoint assignments

Powerpoint assignments unlike essay writing papers require deeper research work and a fine but precise way of presenting the information gathered ensuring that the main points listed in the ppt slides are not only clear to the audience but also brief and to the point.

The font size is also a factor to consider in the slide section and in the notes section. One font should be used consistently in the slides for the bullet points. In case of any diagrams, a different font and of a consistent size should be used for all charts in the presentation.

Being presentation kind of assignments, they are timed for the audience and have to accomplish their presentation goals within the timed framed which is a key factor in any powerpoint presentation assignment.

How to handle Timed ppt presentations

Writing a timed presentation assignment requires keen adherence to the rubric rules where the information researched and ready to be presented must be as brief as possible in accordance with the rubric time lines and number of slides required by the tutor.

Writing the slides and notes section of a ppt assignment

The pages of any Powerpoint assignments are referred to as slides. Depending on the instructions given, the required number of slides are considered as the total number of pages for that particular task just like in any essay writing assignment. The difference here is the number of words to include in the slides.

As a general rule, all slides must have the points presented in bullet form and there’s a limit of not more than 6-8 bullets per every powerpoint slide. The points must be very brief with any explanation needed for the points expounded in the notes section. Here, the notes can be wordy explaining the points clearly and to the point but also bearing in mind that time to be used presenting the assignment.

Avoiding Plagiarism in any ppt assignment

Just like any academic assignment, plagiarism is forbidden and all ppt assignments, whether on the slides points or the notes section, the content must be 100% original if you are to score anything in those assignments. To keep them original, proper and thorough research work is required prior to any writing.

How our writers can help you write a ppt presentation essay paper

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