Topic: • Climate Change


This assignment involves answering two writing prompts. You can separate your responses with a page break or by labeling each with a header, but they need to be submitted together in one document.

Consider your research manuscript topic and think about any beliefs or thoughts you have connected to your topic. You can think about the topic from your own personal experience or the experience of people you may know or your community.

Prompt 1: What are the beliefs and what do you think are the sources of these beliefs? Explain your beliefs and if possible, show the sources of your beliefs. Then describe how certain experiences may have contributed to your current belief. The paper should follow the paper guidelines found in the Resources section and be 500-750 words.

Prompt 2: Write a 250- to 300-word essay telling of an experience that had an important influence on a belief that you held or hold pertaining to your topic. You should explain your belief, and describe the experience, reflecting on what happened as you tell of its effects. You may want to discuss the sources of the belief. Make sure to apply the information found in your lectures and readings.

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