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Topic: 10 Meat Dishes that Will make you Go Caveman


Photo Essay: 10 Meat Dishes that Will Make You Go Caveman

Please do some research on the hugest and tastiest meat dishes in the world and create a photo essay of delicious, succulent and mouth watering meat photos. Every photo must look irresistibly appetizing and tasty– please nothing gross looking or off-putting.

Please include a range of different meat dishes from different countries across the world – the more obscure and interesting the better.

Fitting with the title all dishes MUST be huge and capable of inducing caveman-like behavior!

Please include an intro with thoughts and insights into the power of meat dishes, why do we get meat cravings, why do these kind of dishes excite us so much etc.. etc..

Feel free to include personal anecdotes if relevant.

Numbered sub-headings with name of the dish and country of origin.

For each dish on your list please supply some interesting info ie. key ingredients, how it is made, history of the dish, traditions, when/where/how is it eaten, any personal experiences with this dish etc.. etc.

Please also include a short conclusion to your article.

Photos: 1 Main meat image for your article + 10 more mouth-watering meat dish images.


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