Topic: 10-Year Budget Project


10-Year Capital & Operating Budget for a Fake City (Model decisions and justifications loosely after attached city file called “glance”)
a. 5-Page Paper (not including title and reference)
b. Excel Workbook (6 Sheets)

Brief Overview (Full Details Attached):

You have been retained by the city of Lessertoad to develop a 10-year operating and capital budget. In addition to this charge, you have been provided, some general information on the city of Lessertoad, the schedule, and an excel workbook to complete. The excel workbook may be supplemented with additional worksheets. You are to submit your workbook along with a 5-8-page paper responding to the following questions:
• Which projects will be recommended for funding? What is the rationale? What is the time frame?
• Which projects will not be recommended for funding and what is the rationale?
• How will the projects recommended be funded?
• What will the implications be for the tax payers?
In the workbook, you will need to complete the revenue and expenses tabs as well as the capital expenses tab. For each of the capital items you select to include in your budget over the 10-year period that cannot be funded in a single year as a component of the operating budget, you will need to include a tab that includes the following information at a minimum:
• Start and end dates of the project (could be the same date in some cases)
• Project Cost
• Funding source
• Annual escalation for projects after FY2020
• Annual debt service for capital projects that cannot be completely funded from the operating budget.
• Number of years over which the project is amortized
• Number of payments to be made annually
• Debt Service Reserve
• Debt Service Schedule
• Repair & Replacement Requirement
• Inflation Factor for Repair and Replacement Reserve
• Interest Rate
• Capitalized Interest
• Financing Expenses
o Cost of Issuance
o Underwriter’s Fee
• Construction Projects should also include the following
o 2018 Construction Cost
o Escalated Construction Cost
o Soft Costs (as a % of construction costs and the $ amount)
o Design/Architectural Fees (as a % of construction costs and the $ amount)
o Program Management Fees (as a % of construction costs and the $ amount)
o Furniture Fixtures & Equipment (if needed)
o Project Contingency (as a % of construction costs and the $ amount)
o Owner’s Construction Contingency (as a % of construction costs and the $ amount)
o Financing Expenses
 Cost of Issuance
 Underwriter’s Fee
o Funds Contributed from the Fund Balance

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