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Topic: 750 word report on Google Stadia


Your former colleagues are now thinking of bringing their business idea to market: an app-based platform to connect buyers and sellers. They need advice on network effects in order to prepare for an upcoming business pitch. You agree to prepare a 750-word written report for them.

After providing a short introduction to the platform (which you can move to the appendix), please cover the following in your report:

a) Explain the different sides (subsidy and money side) of the platform and provide recommendations for pricing.
b) Indicate what type of network effects it experiences and provide recommendations to achieve a critical mass of users.
c) Discuss the main threats to your client´s market power and how they can protect against them.
The subject I’ve chosen is Google Stadia, and I am in desperate need of coming up with ideas that match with the instructions above. Additional material contains the lecture notes covering the chapter needed for the essay, it would be great if you could apply some of the elements in it to the essay, I understand my actions are highly irresponsible but I’m trying to get all the help I can, so thank you very much for spending the time helping me out!


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