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Topic: A social work case study reflective and academic essay


CW1 – Case Study Essay (5000 words)
You should have been working in study groups to prepare the essay but it is important to ensure the essay is an individual essay to avoid accusations of collusion and plagiarism.
Based on the case study given to you in week 1, your essay should include the following:
1) An exploration of the risk factors in the case scenario with reference to the appropriate literature on risk, safeguarding and assessment.
2) A consideration of the legal and ethical issues that arise from this case.
3) A critical exploration of two methods of intervention that might be appropriate to use with this family and a consideration of their relative strengths and limitations
4) A critical exploration of systems and psychodynamic theories or perspectives that might help social workers understand individual family members or the family as a whole, and their particular circumstances.
5) A critical exploration of the family’s cultural background and the impact of structural oppression and discrimination.
6) A consideration of any value issues this case raises for you.

Additionally you should:
1) Integrate the relevant literature into your discussions, for example, social work theory, anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive literature, social work values and ethics literature.
2) Ensure there is an appropriate balance between reflective writing and writing academically
3) Reference appropriately.

The essay should be submitted online using turnitin. Hard copies will not be accepted

Christopher aged 12 (White UK), Amy aged 8 (dual heritage Caribbean/White UK) and Kerry aged 3(dual heritage Caribbean/White UK) have been removed from their mother (White UK) who is an alcoholic and who attacked Christopher in a drunken rage after Amy disclosed sexual interference by him.
The children do not have the same father and Kerry’s father, Andy (UK born Caribbean) recently left the family home after social services discovered he has sexual offences against children. (This was brought to light when Andy’s other child Mary aged 14 went to social services and informed them about her father and abuse in the family. This is the basis of the previous task above). Their maternal grandfather (White UK), is also a sex offender and it is suspected that he has had unsupervised contact with the children. The maternal grandmother (White Irish), suffered from psychotic illness throughout her life and is currently in hospital.
Amy and Kerry are also displaying sexualised behaviour and Christopher is vey aggressive. He has bitten the foster carer and has been excluded from school for hitting other children and sexual interference with another child.
Amy and Christopher are not doing well in school in any event. They are not learning and are shunned by the other children. The foster care finds faeces about the house and suspects it is Christopher, who has also been discovered hording food in his bedroom.
Kerry is showing signs of developmental delay. She does not give eye contact, she head bangs and does not like to be touched. She was extremely distraught to be removed from her mother and absolutely will not accept comfort from the foster carer, but occasionally will do so from Christopher and Amy.

1. Your impressions of the children’s attachment style
2. How the world and adults may seem to the children?
3. How you would engage with the children in light of this?
4. What type of assessments would the children need and by whom?
5. What would be their care needs in the short and long term?
6. The advantages and disadvantages of separating the children or keeping them together.
7. How


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