Topic: Aboriginal Australian Music An analytical or theoretical project Prospectus

The final project provides each of you with a chance to investigate more closely a topic of personal interest.suggestions:

1. An analytical or theoretical project: Projects of this type could take the form of an investigation of a particular concept, such as hybridity, in relation to a particular case study (much like the way we have examined case studies in this class). The relation between politics and music or between diasporic communities and their music(s) would also be appropriate.
2. An historical or area study: Some of you may choose to investigate a particular genre of music from an historical perspective or to examine the ways that forms of cultural representation figure into modern understandings of a particular form of indigenous music. Others of you might wish to come to a better or deeper understanding of a particular area of the world and the ways in which music defines and re-defines the spaces within that area.
Prospectus: A formal prospectus outlining the project and providing your thesis statement (main argument) is due several weeks before the final project due date. This prospectus should be no longer than one page, double-spaced. The prospectus shouldn’t be too stressful–simply outline some of your ideas for the project and show us that you’ve spent some time thinking about them. If you’re planning on interviewing someone for your final project, be sure to include your interview questions (at least five) in your prospectus.

Your prospectus should also include a separate, annotated bibliography with at least 5 correctly cited (APA, Chicago, and MLA style are all acceptable, but please be consistent with whichever you choose) sources and 2-3 sentences describing each and/or how you intend to use it. Both parts will be graded.

Final approval of your project topic is required. If any of you choose to write a paper that was not approved, you will receive a failing grade for that portion of the course. Final papers should be between 6-8 pages in length (1,500 to 2,000 words), double-spaced, and written in 12-point Times New Roman font.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: music

Pages / words: 4 / 1100

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: MLA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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